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The main belief system of the Japanese people is called Shintoism.  Shinto is more than a religious faith. It is an amalgam of attitudes, ideas, and ways of doing things that through two millenniums have become an integral part of … Read More

Shiba Daijingu and Shiba Toshogu(Shrine)
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  Shiba Daijingu and Shiba Toshogu For those who do not speak Japanese, the names of shrines and temples can be very confusing. Some have several names and some sound similar to others. For example, Shiba Daijingu and Shiba Toshoyu. … Read More

Tokyo Daijingu(Shrine)
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              When visiting Tokyo, there are five major shrines in which to visit. These shrines are the Meiji Jingu, Yasukuni Jinja, Hie Jinja, Ohkunitama Jinja, and the Tokyo Daijingu. The Tokyo Daijingu is given the nickname “O-Ise-Sama in Tokyo” due … Read More

Ana Inari(shrine)
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Toward the right side of the entrance to the Shinagawa Shrine is a long path of vermillion torii gates.  This pathway leads to the Ana Inari Shrine, which sits to the back right side of the Shinagawa Shrine. Passing through … Read More

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              While it is common to find a shrine and a temple sharing the same property, it is also common to find more than one shrine occupying the same place. For foreigners, this can be somewhat confusing, especially because most … Read More

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              Unless you are from Japan, the area of Shinbashi is likely unknown to you. This is because the city is crowded to the brim with business offices, something that does not attract tourists. However, despite Shinbashi’s crowded business-world atmosphere, … Read More

Hirakawa Tenmangu(shrine)
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  Out of all of the Tenmangu Shrines, the Hirakawa Tenmangu lies closest to the Imperial Palace. Its location helps it to attract many visitors, especially people who came to visit the palace and gardens. It is extremely common for people … Read More

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   One of the strongest factors that attract foreigners to shrines is the beautiful locations where they sit. Thanks to their historical value and the pure fact that they have sat in the same place for hundreds of years, shrines take … Read More

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   Conveniently located across the street from the famous Grand Hyatt Tokyo in Roppongi Hills, the Myozenji Temple has attracted quite a lot of attention from those who were able to find it. This temple is definitely well camouflaged in the … Read More

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            Roppongi, Tokyo is an area of Japan famous for extravagant shopping and eccentric nightclubs. Due to Roppongi’s reputation, it is the last place in Tokyo that people would think of for visiting shrines. However, … Read More

Tsukiji Hongwanji(Temple)
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     Located in the same district as the famous Tsukiji Fish Market, the Tsukiji Hongwanji Temple is a Buddhist temple that falls under the Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji-ha denomination of Buddhism. The Honzan, or “mother temple,” of this denomination lies in Kyoto. … Read More

Namiyoke Inari Jinja(Shrine)
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   I often ask people what they think of when I mention Japan, and the most common response I receive is “sushi.” A big staple in Japanese culture is this delicious cuisine, and the best place to try it is at … Read More

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