1. The Time of His Hostage“Ieyasu’s Origin”

Years age  
1542 1 Born as the eldest son of Matsudaira Hirotada and Odai no kata, custodians of Okazaki Castle.
1543 2 Arrival of guns on Tanegashima Island.
1545 4 The Roman Catholic Church initiates the Council of Trient against a wave of religious reform.
1547 6 Sumpucurrently Aoi-ward in Shizuoka-city)is ruled by the Imagawa clan,where Ieyasu is held as a hostage.
1549 8 Francis Xavier arrives in Kagoshima on a Christian mission.
1557 16 Ieyasu is married to Imagawa’s family.
1558 17 Queen Elizabeth takes over the throne at the age of 25.

2. Gaining PowerA Lesson Learned

Years age  
1560 19 Imagawa Yoshimoto the 9th lord of the Suruga Imagawa family dies in the Battle of Okehazama, and Ieyasu gains independence from the Imagawa clan at Okazaki Castle.
1562 21 The French Huguenot Wars of the 16th century begin.
1566 25 Ieyasu changes his surname from Matsudaira to Tokugawa.
1568 27 The Dutch Revolt known as the Eighty Years War begins.
1570 29 Ieyasu battles with Asai Nagamasa, daimyo of Oumi, and relocates his residence to Hamamatsu Castle.
1571 31 The Battle of Lepanto is fought between the Ottoman Imperial Navy and Spain.
1575 34 Ieyasu and Oda Nobunaga’s coalition troops beat Takeda Katsuyori’s at the Battle of Nagashino.
1580 39 Spain annexes Portugal.
1581 40 Holland declares independence.
1582 41 Takeda Family is destroyed and Ieyasu gains Tootoumi (present day Oigawa City West in Shizuoka Pref.) and Suruga (Present day Oigawa city Eest in Shizuoka Pref). Oda Nobunaga dies in an Incident at Honnoji Temple.
1584 43 Hashiba Hideyoshi (later Toyotomi Hideyoshi) concludes the Battle of Komaki Nagakute with an armistice.
1588 47 The invincible Spanish Armada invades England.
1589 48 The Bourbon Dynasty is established in France.

3. At the Edo CastleThe Older Years

Years age  
1590 49 After making incursions into Odawara, the Kanto (Edo) region is brought under control.
1598 57 Toyotomi Hideyoshi dies. As one of the five elder statesmen, Ieyasu takes over control of governing the state.
1600 59 Ieyasu is victorious at the Battle of Sekigahara (modern day Gifu Pref.)
1600 59 British East India Co. established.
1603 62 Beginning of the Edo (Kanto) Shogunate by decree of the General Shogun.
1605 64 Ieyasu hands over the position of Shogun to his third son, Hidetada and goes into retirement.
1607 66 Ieyasu moves his home to Sumpu Castle.
1613 72 The Romanoff Dynasty of Russia is founded.
1615 74 The Toyotomi clan is destroyed at the Osaka Summer Camp.
1616 75 The Aisin Gurun Dynasty is founded in Manchuria, the forerunner to Ching. (The first Manchurian Statesman.)
1616 75 Ieyasu dies.

4. After His DeathIeyasu’s spirit became a guardian of the nation.

Years age  
1616   His body was buried at Mount Kuno.
1617   His body was transferred to Nikko in order to enshrine there.