Regarding the use of personal information

We, the Japan Tourism Association for Temples and Shrines, highly respect our customer’s privacy and treat their personal information with extreme care. This document explains in detail how we use personal information through our website.

1. Collection of Personal Contact Information

We collect personal information and ask for your name, address, and e-mail address, when you read our magazine. However, you can use our homepage without sharing this information with us.

2. Purpose of Personal Information Use

We will not give personal information to third parties and when we want to use personal information, we will notify you and explain the purpose in advance.

3. Control of Personal Information

We save personal information with high security technology, so that it is safe from unauthorized access.

4. Request for Release of Personal Information

We respect each aspect of personal information, and you can change, delete, and cancel the information at any time.

5. Important Notes Regarding Personal Information

[1]Links to external websites from our website-

We sometimes link to different websites. You can recognize a different website by checking if the name of the site is different than or http://sanapi-japan. These homepages have their own personal information rules, so be sure to check their personal information policies.

[2]The Use of Cookies

We use cookies in order to improve the homepage, so for example, when you cannot open a link, we will record that error. You can change the settings on your computer to “invisible” if you do not wish to send your information. However, some features on our website will not work in that case. Further, we are able to send advertisements to people who have their cookies set to “available” in their settings.


We offer a link to download our smartphone application in the link section of our website. We use a different company to operate our application, so you should check their unique privacy policy as well.

6. External Website Programming

In general, we program the website by ourselves. However, sometimes we need to use external programmers for different reasons. We work together with trustful programmers who respect the privacy of our visitors and our rules regarding privacy.

7. Change of Privacy Policies

We reserve the right to change our privacy policies at any point in time.

8. Contact

If you have any questions regarding privacy, feel free to contact us.

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You can also contact us through our website.