Kiyomizu-dera (Osaka)

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IMG_2758IMG_1867Built as a replica of one of Kyoto`s best known temple Kiyomizu-dera in the Tennoji prefecture of Osaka is the perfect definition of a hidden gem. Sandwiched between residential buildings and multiple temples is Kiyomizu-dera Osaka. As you walk down a small alley way you can find an inconspicuous torii gate that leads to the main area of the temple. Although the temples current incarnation is much smaller then it originally was. However what  the temple lacks in size it makes up for in charm.  The first thing I noticed when I entered the temple was the Tamade Waterfall.  Located at the top of a surrounding stone structure spitting out three separate streams of water I was immediately impressed by Osaka`s only natural waterfall. Although i found this area very impressive the next area of the temple is what really blew me away.

IMG_2759Located outside the torii gate was a large set of stairs leading up to the temples stone structure. As you climb up the temples stairs you become surrounded by hundreds of graves overlooking the city. According to the history of the temple these steps originally overlooked the Osaka bay. However as time pass and the city progressed the view changed to an ocean of buildings instead of water. The view from the top is truly incredible and it makes this temple a must see in Osaka.



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