Ana Inari(shrine)

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Toward the right side of the entrance to the Shinagawa Shrine is a long path of vermillion torii gates.  This pathway leads to the Ana Inari Shrine, which sits to the back right side of the Shinagawa Shrine. Passing through the torii gates that line the path makes it feel like you’re being transported to another dimension. The Ana Inari Shrine has a beautiful atmosphere that is surprisingly unique from that of the Shinagawa Shrine, despite being located right next to each other.



The Ana Inari Shrine is very old, yet dignified. The shrine is especially popular among businesspeople as the kami (deity) of the shrine is the “deity of commerce.” Because of this deity, the shrine holds a unique custom. Usually, when visiting a shrine, it is customary to purify yourself at a temizuya by washing your hands and mouth. However, at the Ana Inari Shrine, you can do two different things at the temizuya. First, you can wash your currency in the fountain in order to gain the luck of commerce. Then, if you spend that currency at the shopping street in front of Shinagawa Shrine, it will be more “efficient.” Secondly, you can fill a bottle with water from the fountain. When you return to your house or office, you may pour some of the water on the entrance and four corners of the building in order to bring business and commerce success. Finally, it is important that along with doing these things, you also spend your life having a pure and cheerful mind. By doing this, you will bring upon great business and commerce to your life.




The kami of the Ana Inari Shrine is found in the sky/heaven, ground/earth, and water/spring. This embodies the idea that everything will grow if it receives a bit of heaven, earth and water. During the harvest season in Japan, there will be lots of rice grown. This shows that from one grain, thousands will erupt thanks to the power from heaven, earth and water. The Ana Inari Shrine embodies the spirit that money/wealth can act in the same way. If you worship at the shrine and follow its guidance, then you will prosper. Many people who have visited the Ana Inari Shrine have become very prosperous, and the next person can be you.

Name  Anainarijinja
Japanese name  阿那稲荷神社
Kami( ?)
Direction  The Keihinkyuko line at Shinbaba.


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