Kawasaki Daishi Heikenji Temple

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Kawasaki Daishi Heikenji Temple is a Buddhist temple located in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa prefecture. Kawasaki City is just south of Ota City, Tokyo prefecture so Kawasaki Daishi is easy to reach from anywhere in the Tokyo area.


Founded in 1128, Kawasaki Daishi is one of the largest temples of the Chisan School of Shingon Buddhism. The temple was founded by Hirama Kanenori, a samurai, and Sonken, a Buddhist monk. The temple is also the center of worship for the teachings of Kobo Daishi, the founder of Shingon Buddhism. The temple is very beautiful with its main hall and pagoda being some of the nicest that I have seen.


I visited the temple during The Kawasaki Daishi Wind Chime Market (Kawasaki-Daishi Fūrin-ichi in Japanese). The market is an annual event that takes place in mid-July, taking place from July 17-23 this year. The Wind Chime Market is also very unique since wind chimes from all over Japan are sold. The chimes are different in design and sound based on the region in which they are produced. Kawasaki Daishi’s Wind Chime Market is amazing and the largest in all of Japan. Being able to see the different designs is very interesting and complements an already peaceful atmosphere. I highly recommend visiting during the market as you will be able to experience a great temple and a unique festival in one trip.



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