Kanda Myoujin Shrine

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Kanda Myoujin is a Shinto shrine located in Chiyoda City, Tokyo prefecture. It is very pleasant and covers more ground than most shrines that I have visited. In 1616, the shrine was moved to its current location in Chiyoda City.


The entrance to the shrine is a grey-green torii gate. The gate’s design mimics being made of many smaller materials. The gate conveys this through the side (legs) of the gates appearing to have sections that can be cut out. After walking through the main torii gate and walking the sando (approach), you will see Kanda Myoujin’s zuishinmon (inner gate). Once you pass through the zuishinmon, you will enter the sacred grounds of Kanda Myoujin.


To the left of the zuishinmon there is a temizuya (handwashing station) where you can cleanse one’s body and soul before entering the grounds of the shrine. Kanda Myoujin’s shaden (worship building) is very beautiful with a burgundy support structure and a green roof. Near the shaden there is also an indoor gift shop and meeting space on the grounds of the shrine. Kanda Myoujin is one of the nicest shrines that I have visited during my time in Japan and I would highly recommend it to those visiting the Tokyo area.



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