Buddhist Cuisine
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There are many factors that go along with becoming a Buddhist monk. It is generally understood that monks live drastically different lifestyles than most people, however, people rarely consider their diets.  Along with the other unique aspects of their lives, … Read More

Studying the Meiji Restoration in the City of Kitakyushu
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Kitakyushu is close to many Asian countries, and because it is conveniently located on the strait connecting Tokyo and Shanghai, it has been blessed with prosperity as a gateway to Asia and as an industrial base in Japan. Have you … Read More

Mikoshi and Dashi
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                Every local shrine in Japan is responsible for celebrating its own deity and holding its own festivals. Because of this responsibility, and because there are so many shrines in Japan, there are countless numbers of festivals (called matsuri … Read More

Revered Animals at Japan’s Temples & Shrines
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When you think of temples and shrines in Japan, you might imagine Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa or Meiji Shrine in Harajuku, both famous sightseeing spots in Tokyo. However, there are many more shrines and temples you should visit in Japan. … Read More

The 3 Dragon Gates of Tokyo
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The 3 Dragon Gates of Tokyo Torii gates represent the border between the secular world and the sacred worlds of the Shinto religion. The gates act as a passageway into the sacred space of a shrine. It’s not uncommon for … Read More

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  The Komyoji Temple, part of the school of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism, dates back to the year 1212. Like many other temples, the Komyoji Temple suffered from the Great Kanto Earthquake (1923), which triggered a fire to the temple, which … Read More

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Hand copying sutra is called “Shakyo” in Japanese. Sutra copying is the East Asian practice of hand-copying Buddhist sutras. You can accumulate merits by this act of word-for-word sutra transcription. Other meritorious practices included the memorization and recitation of sutras. … Read More

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  This year, the 42nd G7 summit was held on May 26-27. The summit was held in the Mie Prefecture of Japan and during the summit, Shinzo Abe, Barack Obama, Justin Trudeau, François Hollande, Angela Merkel, Matteo Renzi, David Cameron … Read More

Togoshi Hachiman(shrine)
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Togoshi Hachiman Shrine is located in Tokyo, Japan at the end of the Togoshiginza shopping street. There are a lot of attractive stores so there are always crowds of people, most likely locals. Every store has a unique personality and … Read More

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              On November 10th, 1272, the 8th year of the Bun-ei Era, Shiro Sakondaifu Hojo gave Tokichiyo, his fifth son, power over several vassals. He told him to stay at Hebi-kubo (an area near Shinagawa-ku now) and told him to … Read More

Mabashi Inari(shrine)
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Mabashi Inari Shrine is located in the middle of the JR Chuo Line between Koenji Station and Asagaya Station. People claim that this shrine was founded in the Kamakura era, however it is not known for sure. The Mabashi Inari … Read More

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Have you ever heard of the town of Koenji in Japan? If so, what does it bring to mind? If you were to ask Japanese people, Koenji would be described as a small town with many used clothing stores, secondhand … Read More

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