Shitennoji Temple & Zazen Mediation

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During my time in Mie prefecture, I visited Shitennoji Temple on the morning of Friday, June 30th. When I arrived at the temple, I walked the grounds and was introduced to the site’s building. Next, I participated in a Zazen Mediation session with Kurashima-san. Shitennoji’s Chief Preist. The session, which was about 45 minutes in length included 30 minutes of meditation and a serving of matcha afterwards. During the mediation session, I was told to breathe through my nose while maintaining proper posture and position. The mediation was done on tatami mats.


After the mediation session, we visited Tsu Kannon (a nearby temple). At Tsu Kannon, we admired its pagoda and buildings. In addition, I feed pigeons that hang around the temple and its grounds.


Afterward, we returned to Shitennoji where I had sushi for lunch at a nearby restaurant. Lastly, I walked Shitennoji’s grounds by myself before departing for the local train station.


It was a great experience and being able to practice zazen was a very unique part of my trip that is unlike anything that I have done during my time in Japan.


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