Shuku-Bo have been changing their form and purpose according to the transitions of the society. In modern days new types of Shuku-Bo have emerged where staying guests may enjoy some extraordinary cultural experiences. Some Shuku-Bo accommodate needs of inbound tourists. Some others attempt local activation through collaboration with local people. Number of Shuku-Bo,
that are equipped with modern facility and offering new services matching the needs of the time, is increasing and noted as a spot to provide soothing effect to tourists. Every region of Japan is dotted with Shuku-Bo. Herewith, we introduce 4 unique Shuku-Bo offering not only accommodation, but also charms of the area.

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“Present and past of Shuku-Bo village ? The Shuku-Bo village in The Dewa Sanzan ? present status of Haguro-machi Tohghe”
authored by Toshiki Yoshizumi. The article appeared in Bessatsu Tohokugaku magazine in 2004.

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