Zuisho-ji Temple

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Zuisho-ji Temple is a small Buddhist temple of the Obaku sect. It is located near Shirokanedai Station in Minato City, Tokyo prefecture. Located in an upscale residential area and set back from the street, the temple is not well known among travelers and we were the only visitors at the temple when we went. A unique aspect of the temple is that it was designed by Kengo Kuma, the same architect that designed the Japan National Stadium. The national stadium was constructed from 2016-2019 for use during the 2020 Summer Olympics (the event was in 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic).

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Zuisho-ji has a small wooden gate that you pass through on your way to the main building. The temple’s main building has a brown, white, and yellow color scheme with its name written in gold lettering near the top of the structure.


After admiring the main building, we walked over to the Kuri, which is a part of the temple that serves many uses such as residential space, kitchen space, and a waiting area space for Buddhist rituals. In this area, there was also a small temple office where you collected a goshuin for a small donation. The Kuri has a miniature pond built into its surrounding walkways, so the layout of the area is very unique.

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Zuisho-ji is one of the most interesting cultural sites that I have attended in Tokyo. Due to being set back from the street, the temple feels secluded which was very unique and added to its charm.


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